Tens Unit 7000

The Tens unit 7000 is FDA approved and simple for home use. Unit is designed with only 5 different modes, you can fine tune this unit to treat more pain areas and get more relief. Adjustable pulse rate range is from 2 to 150 Hz and pulse width is 30 to 260 microseconds. Simply change the frequency and length of electric pulsations on the Tens unit 7000 device to meet your specific type of pain.

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Tens unit 7000 package includes everything you need to begin treatment at home while other units can require additional accessories that add to your total cost. The complete Tens unit 7000 set includes four self-adhesive, reusable electrodes, lead wires, 9V battery and a hard, plastic carrying case for travel. Use the unit when away from home on vacation. It’s also a wearable TENS unit. The built-in metal belt clip on back and slim, modern design make it easy to wear and highly portable. Stay pain free when on the go!

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TENS unit 7000 Advantages:

  • Adjustable pulse width and pulse rate for more effective treatments
  • User-friendly, large digital display
  • Wearable unit with belt clip
  • Portable carrying case
  • Includes all accessories


Quickly set the timer to determine the length of operation. Uses a rechargeable battery for 10 hours of power. Then start your day with pain-free body.


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