Tens unit 7000 Walmart, the best thing to relieve pain.

Tens unit 7000 Walmart

In this article, i will introduce Tens unit 7000 Walmart. which means the best machine you can find in Walmart, for cheap price and good quality.

Tens unit 7000 Walmart is very Professional. This kit contains everything you need, do not need to consider more. But If you purchase additional self-adhesive electrodes, you can treat other areas of pain, such as upper back, shoulders, knees, ankles, etc. the additional is not too expensive. Tens unit 7000 Walmart is a two-channel unit so you can treat two different areas of body pain at the same time.

Tens unit 7000 Walmart
Tens unit 7000 Walmart

But is also come with some problems. Even if the belt of Tens unit 7000 Walmart is long enough (51 inches) for the largest waistline. The conductive rubber electrodes permanently mounted on the belt are too small for people with large frames.

So It will resulting in electrical stimulation concentrated in a small area. in my opinion, For anyone experiencing this problem, the solution is to use a self-adhesive electrode to spread the stimulus to a larger area.

Multi-mode, easy to use TENS device
The TENS 7000 second edition digital TENS unit is easy to use. TENS treatment can be performed by attaching the supplied device to the lead and electrode and then placing the electrode on the skin.

The TENS machine has a variety of treatment modes including: Normal, Burst, Modulation, Intensity Duration 1 and Intensity Duration 2. you can click this link to go to amazon to see more review and product detail: https://amzn.to/2WLNZ3L

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