Tens 7000 amazon: a very helpful review.

tens 7000 amazon

This is a tens 7000 amazon review from a top 100 reviewer from amazon page. she said this is a amazing massager. She once bought a smaller, less powerful similar product at CVS, but she realize this is more helpful. This tens 7000 amazon unit is her savior to help manage pain problems.

The best part is that she can set it up, and then have a protective cover for the protective device. so she don’t have to worry about accidentally changing settings when wear it. she said she often wear it in continuous mode for a few hours, even tie it all together and hide it under the clothes.

Tens 7000 amazon has always been a magical massager for her. In her opinion, this device is more effective than analgesics and muscle relaxants pain pills (for those of us who have established drug tolerance). And the toxicity to the body system is certainly small.

tens 7000 amazon
tens 7000 amazon review

If the customer want to know if this is powerful enough, yes, it is. tens 7000 amazon is a powerful small unit that runs on a 9 volt battery. customer actually never set it higher than 3.5, but it is up to 8! You can set it to be gentle or strong as needed of your pain position and level of pain.

tens 7000 amazon

You can choose different modes and adjust the adjustments button. some customer purchased a rechargeable 9 volt battery and a small charging device. to increase the use feeling. To be honest, people can’t believe how long the battery can last for tens 7000 amazon. (EBL 840 9V battery charger with 4 packs of 600mAh lithium-ion rechargeable 9-volt battery).

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