How to use a tens unit for shoulder pain

Tens unit is used to treat different forms of pain including shoulder pain, arthritis pain, lower back pain and also the neck pain. It the process of sending the electrical impulses for the stimulation of the sensory nerve endings to stop the pain and to stimulate the production of natural pain killers in the body to fight against the pain signals. The process should be performed with utmost care because a minor mistake can make the situation even worse instead of improving. 

 How to use tens unit for shoulder pain demands that electrodes should be places in such a way that each pair of electrodes get its position on the upper and the lower side of the shoulder. One electrode pad should be placed on the neck side of the painful shoulder and the other electrode of the pair on the painful area. The start the electric stimulation by switching on the current. The person will feel sensation and tingling in the body that will be the source of comfort and will also remove the pain. The current will be increased slowly and each time person will be asked about it, the therapist will continue to increase the current unless the patient finds it to be unbearable. This gradual increase will not damage the skin or body because the intensity of current used in tens unit is usually low. The frequency will be adjusted according to the level of pain. 2 to 10 hz frequency is used to treat chronic pain while 80 to 120hz will be used to treat acute pain.

While how to use tens unit for shoulder pain , make sure that electrodes are placed properly. If the position of the electrodes in not appropriate , it will cause great problems. When electrodes are placed near the neck or eyes and in the closer area of heart, there are chances of having serious side effects like drastic changes in blood pressure that sometimes prove to be completely fatal. Chest pain or pain in heart are also common due to wrong positioning of electrodes. How to use tens unit for shoulder pain needs to focus in the wavelength and the frequency of the electrical waves.

Whether the pain is chronic or acute, these factors should be adjusted accordingly for the achievement of best possible outcomes from tens therapy .

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