How To Treat Tendonitis In The Knee

Tendonitis In The Knee

The knee joint comprises not only bones but also several tendons and muscles. Under increased tension brought on by physical activity or trauma, these tendons may become inflamed, torn or degraded. When this occurs, it is said that one has tendonitis in the knee. Hence you start wondering on how to treat tendonitis in the knee.

Tendonitis In The Knee
Tendonitis In The Knee

There are various types of tendonitis in knee such as Patella tendonitis (Jumper’s Knee), quadriceps tendonitis and Iliotibial band friction syndrome, the most common of which being Patella Tendonitis. Patella tendonitis occurs as a result of excessive usage of the knee joint or increased tension brought on by physical activities such as jumping and running. Other contributory factors include aging, rheumatoid arthritis which is known to degrade cartilage and cause inflammation at multiple body joints.

Wondering on how to treat tendonitis in the knee, tendonitis in the knee can be treated by the process of letting the involved area rest, and then let it rebuild. This method of how to treat tendonitis in the knee, when executed and done properly, can guarantee relief from pain in a matter of 3 weeks. However, letting the tendon recover totally may require longer time. Another three weeks is needed to allow the tendon to produce scar tissues, making it possible for dull recovery from tendonitis. It will continuously form until the 6th week, and in severe cases of tendonitis in the knee, full recovery can take up to a year.

Tips On How To Treat Tendonitis In Knee

Thus, patience is crucially needed. In most cases, the recurrence of the condition is due to the lack of enough time to allow full recovery of the tendon. Below are some tips on how to treat tendonitis in knee via this method, although a doctor’s consultation may be best done before performing this. Should symptoms worsen upon the performance of the procedure, have the condition checked by your doctor.

First, you should stop any activity that causes pain to the affected area. Any activity associated with exacerbation of pain felt should be eliminated. Next is to allow resting of the affected area for a minimum of 3 weeks. This is the least amount of time the tendon can at least recover partially from the inflammation. More time is needed for full healing.

Support the area with a brace, if possible. Braces are used to prevent further inflammation due to straining the area. Support braces are frequently used as a measure on how to treat tendonitis in the knee as well as prevention. The function of the brace is to carry the affected area by restricting any movement. Many tendonitis patients use a brace in rehabilitating the tendon and joints affected. Braces are meant to be used in combination with rest and rehabilitation of the affected tendon. If there is a pain, the pain will not be relieved by using a brace alone.

Drugs also help on how to treat tendonitis in the knee as the drugs reduce inflammation of the area, these drugs are also known as Anti-inflammatory medications. They relieve swelling and promote relief of pain without the result of tissue stiffness. Another three weeks will be required if the pain is still felt. If the pain has subsided, the area can be recommended for rehabilitation. You can now stretch, move, and apply resistance to the affected area. These procedures should be done in moderation with caution. You can now perform easy, regular exercises on the area. Gradually ease back into starting with regular activities. Make certain that before performing the exercise, the tendon is warmed up and stretched.

Massage therapy is becoming an incredibly accepted way how to treat tendonitis in the knee and help the tendons in recuperation.

If you follow the above procedure of how to treat tendonitis in knee and pain does not subside you should consult your doctor or physician as soon as possible. Some added options on how to treat tendonitis in the knee may be required. In extreme cases where tendonitis in the knee cannot be treated using any other method, surgery is required on how to treat tendonitis in the knee. Surgery is only ever used as a last option to manage tendonitis in the knee.

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