How To Treat Swollen Knuckles

How To Treat Swollen Knuckles

Swollen knuckles may occur due to traumatic as well as non-traumatic reasons. Read this article to learn about the causes and how to treat swollen knuckles.

How To Treat Swollen Knuckles
How To Treat Swollen Knuckles

The knuckle joints are one of the most important joints of the body. Even though the size of each knuckle is quite small, it is involved with various vital functions like finger movements, gripping of objects, and so on. When swollen knuckles occur, then the joints become stiff, and you cannot flex the fingers properly. Most of the time, swollen knuckles is accompanied by pain, which makes the condition worse. Excessively swollen knuckles can lead to complete or partial loss of functionality of the hands.


Swollen knuckles that develop all of a sudden and subsides after some time is an acute problem. Some localized injury triggers it. On the other hand, if it persists for a few months, then it is assumed to be a chronic problem, and an underlying cause is responsible for it. The key causes of swollen knuckles are as follows – Traumatic Injury, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Gout, Fluid Retention.

Options On How To Treat Swollen Knuckles

As swollen knuckles is not a disease in itself, the option of how to treat swollen knuckles is based upon its causes. Any injury related swelling can be managed by resting the affected hand. All such activities that cause discomfort should be suspended so that the injury can heal quickly. A dislocated or fractured knuckle joint needs protection and support, which can be provided by a splint.

Options On How To Treat Swollen Knuckles Based On The Causes Are Discussed Below In Details

Chronically swollen knuckles caused by arthritis is first treated with non-surgical methods of how to treat swollen knuckles. Oral pain-relieving medicines or cortisone injections are also useful on how to treat swollen knuckles as they are used to control the excruciating pain in the joint. Soaking the hands in warm saltwater can also provide a lot of relief from the arthritic knuckle pain. Physical therapy is also a good option on how to treat swollen knuckles because it improves the mobility and flexibility of the finger joints. A badly damaged or deformed knuckle joint has to be repaired by surgical means.

If the swollen knuckles are caused by gout, then the option on how to treat swollen knuckles is to treat the patients with medicines that can reduce the level of uric acid in the blood. Gout diet also has to be followed by the patients. In the case of fluid retention in swollen knuckles, the underlying cause has to be given suitable treatment. Other patients who have this problem for some simple reason do not require any treatment. The method of how to treat swollen knuckles is just to asked them to increase fluid intake and lower sodium intake.


There is a misconception among many people that swollen knuckles are caused due to excessive knuckle cracking. I want to make it clear to you that knuckle cracking does not cause any severe harm to the joint such that it would lead to swollen knuckles. However, if you are diagnosed with osteoarthritis, then too much of pressure on the knuckles tend to contribute towards faster degeneration of the joint.

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