How To Treat Shoulder Pain

How To Treat Shoulder Pain

The shoulder is the most flexible part of the body capable of doing a wide variety of motion. If you have shoulder problems, you will experience immobility of your arms which is frustrating. Imagine how you could go through your everyday life with limited or no arm movement due to shoulder pain. It is a very frustrating condition that is why it is important to know how to treat shoulder pain to function normally.

How To Treat Shoulder Pain
How To Treat Shoulder Pain

Treatment of the shoulder can encompass several different areas. Conservative measures include medication (anti-inflammatories, pain medications), rest, cortisone injections, and/or physical therapy. All of these methods can be effective when it comes to how to treat shoulder pain especially when they are performed in combination with each other.

Injections are sometimes given right away depending on your medical doctor’s philosophy. Often a well-rounded physical therapy program can help on how to treat shoulder pain, and you won’t have to consider having an injection.

Physical therapy treatment can consist of the following interventions:

1. Therapeutic exercises

This is one of the ways on how to treat shoulder pain as it consists of a range of motion, conditioning, and strengthening exercises. The goal here is to maximize and restore any loss of range of motion, improve the overall endurance of the shoulder blade and shoulder muscles and to improve the strength of these same muscles. The muscles surrounding the shoulder blade must be conditioned and strengthened just as the main shoulder muscles would be because these muscles have to work in conjunction with the shoulder muscles to restore normal motion and to prevent recurrence of pain.

2. Manual therapy

This is another perfect solution on how to treat shoulder pain as it consists of hands-on treatment that the physical therapist would perform on you. This might consist of joint mobilization (i.e., techniques designed to improve joint motion and relieve pain), or soft tissue massage (i.e., techniques designed to improve muscle and connective tissue flexibility and to relieve pain).

3. Modalities

This is another alternative to consider when it comes to how to treat shoulder pain. Modalities consists of machines that the physical therapist may apply to your painful shoulder to assist in pain relief and healing along with the other treatments mentioned above. Some of these machines are ultrasound, electrical stimulation, TENS, or iontophoresis.

All of these interventions can help on how to treat shoulder pain. It is common in clinical practice to use a combination of these interventions. However, therapeutic exercise is an absolute in the treatment of the painful shoulder. Well rounded exercises that target the shoulder blade and shoulder muscles are the mainstays of any good physical therapy regimen for the treatment of shoulder pain.

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