How To Treat Gout In The Ankle

How To Treat Gout In The Ankle

An ankle can be affected by gout. Gout in the ankle is very painful. An ankle is one of the most crucial parts of our body because it carries much of your body weight at the time of standing or walking. Gout in the ankle can take away your ability to get around. Continue reading, then you can find how to treat gout in the in the ankle.

How To Treat Gout In The Ankle
How To Treat Gout In The Ankle

There are different types of gout symptoms; you can experience swelling, inflammation, redness, stiffness and severe pain. You must know the causes of gout in the ankle. Needle-like crystals of uric acid in joints and tissues are the main reason for this unbearable pain. This situation comes when your kidney cannot excrete excess uric acid from your body.

Uric acid is generated in our body for the normal metabolizing process, and kidney must flush out the excessive amount of uric acid from our body via urine. But if your body is producing too much uric acid for your kidney to manage or your kidneys are not working properly, then you would experience the problem hyperuricemia (high uric acid).

If you are suffering from gout in the ankle and seeking how to treat gout in ankle, then you must go to a doctor because he can prescribe the right drugs that can reduce the level of uric acid so that you will get relief from the pain and inflammation. And at the same time, you would not have to face any side effect of the drugs. However, there is a specific situation where you will be left with no other option on how to treat gout in ankle rather than using an injection into your ankle. Although most of the drugs are good some of them have some chronic side effects like diarrhea, nausea, stomach ulcer, etc.

But fortunately, you can easily go for home remedies for gout in ankle because there are a lot of treatment methods available. Natural remedies are always good on how to treat gout in the ankle as they do not have any complicated side effects. Though the natural medicine might be good for treating gout in ankle, how to treat gout in the ankle when the person is suffering from the pain is that the person should be looking for faster reliefs.

Some medicines are used on how to treat gout in the ankle. The best medicine that helps on how to treat gout in the ankle is the NSAIDs which means a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug. There are many different NSAIDs, and they are used to cure gout completely.

Indomethacin is the first medicine given to a person seeking how to treat gout in the ankle. These medicines need only be given for two days and after the inflammation and the pain that follows it is stopped; the administration of these medicines should also be stopped. These medicines provide immediate help on how to treat gout in the ankle.

There are also other medicines that help on how to treat gout in the ankle. These medicines directly affect the organs that produce the uric acid, that is they affect the stomach and the kidneys, and this prevents the production of excess uric acid, thus preventing gout.

A series of hot/cold compression could be the most helpful option for the people seeking how to treat gout in the ankle. This measure of how to treat gout in the ankle can dissolve the uric acid crystals in your ankle. First, you should apply hot water compression for 2 minutes, and after the gap of 30 seconds, you should use cold water compression. Continue it for 15 minutes and always end the session with cold water. There should be a gap of at least one hour for repeating the process.

You should not neglect the problem of gout in ankle because it can damage your joints permanently and there could be a chance of developing kidney problem.

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