How To Treat A Sore Knee

How To Treat A Sore Knee

Sore knees are common among athletes, the elderly and individuals who work out regularly. They are also common among people who work in jobs that require them to put a strain on their knees or confine them to sitting for long periods with their knees bent. For the millions of people out there who suffer from sore knees, one question is on their mind: Is there any method on how to treat a sore knee that work?

How To Treat A Sore Knee
How To Treat A Sore Knee

With people looking to save money and not wanting to visit their doctor unless something is really serious, more and more people are looking for at home remedies on how to treat a sore knee. We are not saying you should neglect your physician, we recommend seeing them, but these methods on how to treat a sore knee here can also help you.

Home Remedies That You Will Want To Try

Discussed below are some home remedies that you will want to try on how to treat a sore knee:


If you are experiencing sore knees one of the simple and most common sense things that you can do at home on how to treat a sore knee pain is to rest. Lay in a comfortable position and relax your knees and place them in a normal position without bending them. When you rest and relax your knees, blood flow moves easier. If you stay off your feet for a prolonged period, you will allow the muscles around the knee to relax and recover from the strain that you have placed on them.

Cold Compresses

If your sore knee pain is the result of an injury that you have received and immediately know its source; such as if you fall on it while playing a sport, you can provide immediate home remedies on how to treat a sore knee in the form of a cold compress. In this case, you will want to apply ice to the knee in intervals of 20 minutes up to three times a day. Monitor the skin as you do this process.

Knee Braces

If your sore knee is the result of overuse or is the result of a long-term injury, you will want to seriously consider getting a knee brace “on and off the field” as a home remedy on how to treat a sore knee. Commonly, many athletes (and non-athletes) who suffer from sore knees will use a knee brace to help provide them with some extra and meaningful support. This is one of the most beneficial and preventive methods you can apply to your lifestyle to answer the problem on how to treat a sore knee.


Another method of providing an answer to how to treat a sore knee is to elevate your leg while resting or after acquiring an injury that will later result in sore knees. You should keep the leg elevated above heart level. This will assist in stopping swelling.

See A Doctor

Let’s be honest here; the best method on how to treat a sore knee may come from your doctor’s advice or suggestions. A trained physician will examine your knee and may take x-rays or an MRI to determine the cause of your soreness. They may prescribe medication, sports therapy as a solution to how to treat a sore knee.

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