How To Relieve Hip Joint Pain

Hip joint pain is not at all a rare condition. It affects a lot of people, and it can be the result of a lot of medical conditions. Before starting any treatment on how to relieve hip joint pain, you should ask for a doctor’s opinion to identify the root causes of your hip joint pain. Only after having this information you, together with your physician, will be able to figure out what is best to be done. Sometimes gentle exercises and physical therapy is the recommended option on how to relieve hip joint pain. Anti-inflammatory drugs are the most common treatment option for how to relieve hip joint pain. Nevertheless, many people turn to herbal supplements that have the same effect.

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Boswellia and rosemary, for instances, are herbs with a high content of anti-inflammatory substances. Angelica is also very effective on how to relieve hip joint pain because it contains, besides anti-inflammatory substances, analgesic compounds and muscle relaxant compounds. 250 mg of feverfew extract, taken daily, has better action than some non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Pineapple is a good choice on how to relieve hip joint pain because it contains a chemical known as bromelain, with a high capacity of diminishing inflammation. Stinging nettle, turmeric and wild yam are other examples of herbs that can be of help on how to relieve hip joint pain.

Other sufferers of hip joint pain choose to obtain relief by massaging the affected hip with essential analgesic oils. Lavender oil, rosemary oil and chamomile oil provide help on how to relieve hip joint pain fast, while juniper and cypress oil is reducing the inflammation of the joint. Rumatone Gold oil is also recommended for patients seeking how to relieve hip joint pain.

Apart from using herbal supplements, hip joint pain can be relieved through the following:


Holding ice to your hips will decrease aggravation of your joints. You ought to hold an ice pack to the influenced range for 15 minutes a few times a day. If you find that the ice pack is uncomfortably cool, wrap it in a towel and afterwards put it on the tormented range.


Do not use hotness on how to relieve hip joint pain on the off chance that you have bursitis. High temperature can result in hips influenced by bursitis to get to be more aggravated.

Heat your joints if you have joint pain in your hips. Warming your joints can mitigate the torment you feel. Think about scrubbing down or shower, or absorb a hot tub if there is one accessible to you. You could likewise think about buying as a hot cushion that you can put specifically on your hip.

Consider Getting More Fit

The more your body weighs, the more weight your terrible hip is troubled with supporting. Getting more fit can help on how to relieve hip joint pain just by evacuating some of that weight that hassles the cartilage and joints.

Get Some Rest

On the off chance that you have hip joint pain, the best thing you can do on how to relieve hip joint pain is to give your hip joint time to mend. Abstain from anything that makes you feel torment in your hip joint. Rather, get an ice pack, a vessel of popcorn and watch a few motion pictures. You ought to give your hip joint rest for no less than 24 to 48 hours.

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