How To Heal Shoulder Bursitis

Bursitis is a common problem that can cause pain in several areas of the body. Shoulder bursitis occurs when one of the bursa sacs around your shoulder joint becomes inflamed and sore. Often the cause of this is overuse – constant, repetitive movements of the arm rub the tendon permanently on the shoulder bursa, which then causes the inflammation. After that, any lifting of the arm above 90 degrees or overhead causes pain and interferes with mobility. At best, shoulder bursitis is a nuisance, at worst can spell problems for the continuing career of an athlete. If your livelihood depends on you fast-bowling in cricket, then the onset of bursitis can be a disaster. This article will discuss various ways on how to heal shoulder bursitis.

Options On How To Heal Shoulder Bursitis

The following are the best natural treatments on how to heal shoulder bursitis. These treatment options are both internal and external.  

  • Nutrients, particularly bioflavonoids, can be helpful on how to heal shoulder bursitis as these nutrients can reduce the inflammation and provide the raw materials for cells to repair themselves.  
  • Herbal creams or ointments, particularly comfrey ointment, can penetrate to help on how to heal shoulder bursitis.
  • Homoeopathic remedies are an ideal way to increase circulation to the damaged area, reducing inflammation and pain without interfering with any orthodox medications.  
  • As with all musculoskeletal injuries, manipulative therapies will speed the process of how to heal shoulder bursitis. Massage can promote blood flow to the area and removal of wastes, and soothe muscles which have worked hard to compensate for problems in movement. Osteopathic treatment will help re-align the joints around the damaged area that are trying vainly to compensate.  
  • Acupuncture can be of great benefit too on how to heal shoulder bursitis.  
  • Resting the affected area for several weeks is essential on how to heal shoulder bursitis – it does take that long for the tissue to heal to a point that it won’t be injured easily again. If you choose to return to using the joint too early, there is a good chance you’ll be in pain again very soon. Understandably, the earlier you treat shoulder bursitis, the sooner it will heal, and the sooner you will be out of pain.
  • More severe cases of shoulder bursitis require non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, physical therapy and a cortisone injection to reduce swelling, pain and improve function. Bursitis may be caused by a bacterial infection that requires aggressive antibiotic treatment, so if the problem is not resolving promptly, seek medical attention on how to heal shoulder bursitis.
  • Because shoulder bursitis is a similar symptom as shoulder tendinitis, a rotator cuff physical therapy strengthening program will prove effective on how to heal shoulder bursitis. These strengthening programs will help with regaining strength and full motion of the shoulder.

How long it will take on how to heal shoulder bursitis will depend on the severity of the problem. It may be a few weeks to a few months.

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